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A Truckload of Thank Yous

August 29, 2011

Well, it’s come and gone. I hope that most all attendees at the 12th annual Illinois SHRM Conference (ILSHRM11) had the amazing time I had. We had a record crowd, cutting edge speakers and very intense but invaluable networking and I hope a little fun. I sit here trying to write a thank you post but have so many to thank I don’t know where to start and if I can keep it the length of a post and not a book, because it would not be hard to do.

First let me start with our keynotes, pre-conference speaker and our emcee. Our opening keynote, Ryan Estes, kicked us off with a very motivating and moving presentation that set the tone for the entire conference. Talent Anarchy (Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt) did what many keynoters fail to do and that is took the tough after lunch spot and they OWNED it. Testify. China Gorman gave our final keynote as only China can, informative, entertaining and classy. As I said in introducing China, when I took on ILSHRM11, I had a short list of 3 keynoters I wanted and I was blessed enough to get all three, China being top of that list. Whew. Jessica Miller-Merrell came in and led our first ever pre-conference session and did everything I thought she would do and more. And what can I say about our first ever conference emcee, Charlie Judy, but WOW. (Already got him committed to ILSHRM12).

Next, I have to thank our concurrent presenters. I wish I could list all 30 of them but space does not allow it (we run into that book length problem). The only complaint I have heard so far is that we didn’t have bigger concurrent break out rooms (we are working on that). They engaged, entertained and educated all of you. If you attended one (or five) great session, I encourage you to reach out to the speaker and connect with them to thank them and network. They are easily findable on the internet and if not, let us know; we will try and hook you up.

Next, our Social Media folks who came in and shared the conference with the world in ways I never thought possible. The number of over 3.8 million internet impressions just staggers me. Thank you Robin, Geoff, Maren, Kristi, Bryan, William, Jennifer, Dwane, Mike, Jessica, Jason S, Jason L, Joe, China and Charlie.

Thank you to the staff at NIU, Drury Lane, MCS and Chris Martin Public Relations for support and your hard work.

Thank you to our exhibitors and sponsors. You help make this amazing event possible. Please check out the list on our web site. Special thanks to our conference sponsor, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois. They have been unbelievable in their support in the last few years.

Thanks to the SHRM staff at ILSHRM. Martha and Kristine, you support us all year long so thank you for sharing two days with us, I know how busy you are. Kattie from HRCI, it was so great to meet in person and thanks to your team for sponsoring our first tweet up and the ILSHRM All Access video recaps. Curtis, thanks. Without your interest last year, our social media reach would not be anything compared to what it is.

Thank you to all of our Illinois SHRM Board and volunteers. You made this years’ event run as smooth as glass due to all your effort and work. Special thanks go to our officers (Donna, Amy and Marianne), our District Directors (Karen, Lenore, Janeane, Melissa, Connie and especially Pattie), our technology team of Rachel and Dave. Thanks to all the chapter members and SHRM members who pitched into help. Extra special thanks to Sabrina Baker, our exhibitor and sponsor chair and Cathy Plouzek, my Co-Director. You all are super heroes in my book.

Last but not least, thanks to each and every attendee who came and participated. Your energy, enthusiasm and excitement made ILSHRM11 a huge success.

See you at the Drury Lane on August 6-7, 2012.


Is there nothing good with Social Media?

February 9, 2011

Not a week goes by that I don’t receive an e-mail announcement or two from various organizations or law firms proclaiming a new seminar or webinar aimed at businesses or organizations on the evils, minefields or snake pits that businesses face with social media. Ugh, is it that bad?

Whether it is the possibility of the employees wasting time, doing damage to an employer’s brand, information technology breaches or privacy issues, social media seems to being blamed for everything up to and including the destruction of the Hindenburg.  Yes there are some issues that need to be addressed, but isn’t that always the case with new technologies or ways of doing business?  I remember that the internet was looked at as the end of the business world if it was allowed into the work place.  Well, it was but in a very good way.

Social media allows for the promotion of ideas, extensions of brands, advertising products and different ways of doing business.  What companies have to do is embrace the technology and platforms, learn how to use it in a productive manner, train employees on how to use it and, yes unfortunately, set up some type of measures and safeguards if necessary.  I just don’t see enough of that type of training or programming out there.  Hopefully that will be changing on a much larger scale than it has been currently occuring. 

Also, social media has allowed HR proffessionals from across the world to better network,  share ideas and solve problems.  Personally, I can vouch for Twitter as a tool I have used in the last 2 years that have allowed me to create many new relationships with some of the best HR folks I have ever met.

ILSHRM will be one of those organizations hopefully be offering that type of offering as part of the 12th Annual State SHRM Conference this August.  A whole new track will be introduced this year in order to education HR professionals on how to harness the world of social media for good, while protecting companies from the bad.  Hopefully, we will be covering everything from the basics to more advanced problem solving.  Look for a couple of announcements soon on the Illinois SHRM blog.