HR and Football


Today is an occasion when 2 of my favorite things have crossed paths. I became aware of Bobby Petrino being fired from the Arkansas head football coaching position yesterday as a sports story. Listening the Dan Patrick radio show this morning, it snapped into my head that it wasn’t a football story, but a human resource story.

He wasn’t fired for poor performance (he was actually very successful) or violating any NCAA rules or regulations.  He was fired for violating university rules on hiring.  He used his influence to obtain a position on the football program staff for a woman with whom he was having an affair.  She was one of 159 applicants for the position and he had her hired without disclosing his relationship with the woman and for that he was dismissed.  He was not fired for having an affair, the athletic director made that clear.  He was fired for violating that rule on hiring.

I am sure there are many in the Razorback nation that are saying not fair and this was too strict.  However, can you imagine if this was done by a less well-known program or department?  The person doing it would be gone in an instance.  Kudos for the University of Arkansas for making the playing field even.

Does your organization have rules in place to avoid undue influence in the hiring process?


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  1. jeangleason Says:

    Very interesting post John. Thanks for sharing!

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