If you are a HR/Talent Management pro, buy yourself an early present


There is an event coming to the Chicago area that all recruiters and HR pros need to attend. On December 5, TNL, the Recruitment Holiday Conference is happening in Aurora. You need to be there and here is why:

If you’re frustrated trying to find qualified candidates …

… or a flood of resumes from the wrong applicants …

… if you want to place more candidates faster …

… then this is important.

Here’s why: To find and place the best candidates, you must use the best practices.

Otherwise, that “A” player gets hired by somebody else.

But where do you find the latest and best recruitment methods?

You can read all the books and blogs in the world … or attend a dull, expensive HR conference … but most are just re-hashed versions of “me-too” techniques that stopped working 5 years ago.

Or, you can attend …

TNL National
(The Recruitment Holiday Conference)
December 5th at
Job Search Television Network  HQ

in Aurora, IL.

The experts and speakers you will learn from include:

John Sumser                   Lars Schmidt

Dan Arkind                      Veronica Ludwig

Matt Charney                  Geoff Webb

Craig Fisher                     Marianthe Verver

Crystal Miller                Elizabeth Lalli-Reese

Amber Osborne            Kevin Grossman

Maren Hogan                 Jason Seiden

Joel Cheesman              Sara White

Laurie Reuittimann

Now you ask, “How Much?”  Well, if you go to the official site, register and enter the promotional code “Fishdogs”, you can see this all for an amazing price.  SHHH, don’t tell anyone but it is $75.

If the price and speaker list isn’t enough, check out the agenda.  If that and the price and the speaker list isn’t enough…sorry, I am out of ideas.

I don’t often promote conferences, products or seminars, but this one is special.  It promises to be one of the top events of its like in Chicago this year.  I hope to see you there for this special event…oh, did I mention that there is a tweet-up too?


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